RPG World Online 0.1
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RPG World Online 0.1

Free Excellent online adventure game that allows you to create a unique character and explore a classic world
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Michael Kudlo
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RPG World Online is an excellent online adventure game that allows you to create a unique character and explore a classic world. There is a wide variety of options when it comes to customizing your character, including race, gender, class, skillsets, and abilities. The game also offers plenty of exploration opportunities, with various locations to explore and characters to interact with. Completing quests and defeating monsters and other enemies will gain you experience and finances for upgrades. Overall, it's a great game for anyone looking for an immersive online adventure.

RPG World Online is a persistent role-playing game made by Michael Kudlo. This sole developer created the game in 2000 in order to have a customizable, persistent world online. Still today, there are many servers using the game with a good amount of users in each server. The game is pretty simple; it is a Windows application (made in Visual Basic 6) that has a good point and click interface, as well as familiar Window interfaces. Once you join a server, you create and configure your character, then you are dropped into a medieval world. Now, each world in the server is different, because the game can be customized when created. Game Masters have a lot of freedom when creating their games, that is the main reason why people still use this game. The graphics look very old, but you have a lot of control in your user interface. This is more a graphical Multi-User Dungeon than a MMORPG. If you were a fan of MUDs then you will probably like this, also if you wish to be a game master in your own world. But, stay clear of it if you are looking for a free MMORPG.

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  • Cute game
  • Good amount of content
  • Ability to make your own


  • Connection problems


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